Quality Assurance

Certified Hologram Part

As of 2003, Lockheed Martin announced its “Hercules C130 Certified Parts Program”. Frazier Aviation was selected as one of the few manufacturers as a licensee. Today Frazier Aviation carries one of the largest structural component high usage inventories for the C130. Each of the parts we manufacture carries an individual, serialized Lockheed Hologram. This gives those parts a distinction and certifies that Frazier Aviation and Lockheed guarantee that the item has been manufactured to the highest specifications and quality standards. There is no better value than a “Certified Hologram Part” from Frazier Aviation.

Boeing Preferred Supplier Inspection Delegation

Frazier Aviation is part of the Boeing Preferred Supplier Inspection Delegation (PSID) Program and is required to maintain a quality performance level of 98%.

Frazier Aviation offers the highest grade of services

It’s been our mission to meet the goals of our customers by offering them the very best in quality. Frazier Aviation offers the highest grade of services to insure that each and every part we make and manufacture is outstanding. Being precise is paramount, and here at Frazier we make sure that all production involves rigorous testing in order to meet all standards. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the very best.

Frazier Aviation has had a consistent 99.9% quality rating for over 20 years.

Certified by various leading industry

Frazier Aviation is proud of it’s many accomplishments in having been certified by various leading industry standards.

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