Welcome to Frazier Aviation, Inc.

For over 57 years, Frazier Aviation Inc. has been a comprehensive and versatile aerospace component manufacturer. We are highly diverse and feature outstanding design and manufacturing talents; from machining, sheet metal, stretch and hydro-forming, to a complete overhaul and repair facility. Frazier Aviation was a founding member of the Lockheed Martin Certified Parts Program, the ‘Hologram Program’, and is an approved manufacturer and supplier for all of Lockheed Martin’s facilities. Frazier Aviation is noted as a member of the Boeing Preferred Supplier Inspection Delegation(PSID) Program.

Frazier Aviation has developed into the supplier of choice due to its newly formed partnerships, providing an ‘Aerospace Supply Chain’. Frazier is also a licensed FAA overhaul and repair facility with full capabilities for the aerospace industry. We are AS9100 certified and NAVY Critical Safety Item(CSI) approved. Frazier Aviation is devoted to assisting our customers to effectively implement, maintain and control their ‘global sustainment’, delivering quality replacement parts worldwide.